Just a short ride north of Atlanta, Ga. you will find a small piece of paradise called Lake Lanier. Atlanta residence has been enjoying this little getaway for over fifty years.


Over the last decade, visitors to this beautiful place have slowly diminished. While visits to Lake Lanier have diminished, facilities have steadily increased.


It’s time that all Atlanta, and Ga. residents re familiarize themselves with all that this small piece of paradise has to offer. Lake Lanier has a ton to offer every visitor. If you like fishing, then you need not ignore this place. Avis anglers can get the best of both worlds all in one location. Some of the best trout fishing Georgia has to offer is on the Chattahoochee River just below the Buford Dam with a well stocked supply of rainbow trout, and probably the best location in the state of Ga. to land a monster native brown trout. If you’re more after largemouth bass, or striper fishing, Lake Lanier has that too, as well as the standard Ga. fish such as bluegill, crappie, and catfish.


Want to enjoy a day in the water? Well that is certainly available also; area proprietors offer anything from Lake Lanier Rentals and Atlanta Jet ski Rental rentals for a day on the lake, or an almost six mile trip down the Chattahoochee River which lasts up to two and a half to three hours which includes drop off and pick up. There are also a multitude of Lake Lanier Boat Rentals, Jet Ski facilities available ranging from the simplest Jon boat for fishing, to a ski boat for the avid skier, and even Lake Lanier Jet ski rentals for taking day long lazy tours around the lake.


Lake Lanier offers excellent dining experiences ranging from the small ma and pop diners and BBQ houses to cheap quick hot dog stands, and to some of the more upscale dining as found in the Lake Lanier Island resort area. There are also a handful of lakeside restaurants serving alcoholic beverages, live entertainment, and a mild night life experience which usually escalates as the evening progresses.


There are plenty of places to stay, including excellent well maintained camping areas such as Suwannee, and Big Creek, to the luxury style hotels located in the Lake Lanier Islands resort.


The lake also offers many day parks for visitors to enjoy cooking out and picnics on the lake. These parks are well maintained, very clean, and offer a great deal of shade for a comfortable day on the lake with family and friends.